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CES 2018 | JANUARY 11 | LVCC N252, Las Vegas

Students from across the nation are honored annually at the Young Innovators to Watch Scholarship Program hosted during CES in Las Vegas every January. CES is the largest consumer technology event in the nation 170K+ attendees each year. CLICK TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND STAY IN TOUCH ABOUT UPCOMING DEADLINES


2018 National Competition Entries

CES 2018


Vytal is a biometric tracking platform for team sports. It is an adhesive patch that measures EKG. From this information...


ADHD diagnosis is dependent on a variety of subjective factors and lacks a quantitative backing. Our product, reVIVE, st...

Beelieve Planters

Bees are currently at a bigger risk than ever. Due to effects from climate change, pesticides, and other varying reasons...

Rube Goldberg Project

A Rube Goldberg Project consists of many functions that will result in one action. For example, a Rube Goldberg machine ...

Congratulations to the Class the of '17 Young Innovators

The Young Innovators to Watch scholarship program provides an opportunity for young inventors and entrepreneurs to win scholarships and high-tech gadgets and prizes. We’re seeking inventive young people ages 13-20 working to change the world with new apps, robotics, web initiatives, or multimedia projects.

With two scholarship entries annually, one regional in NYC at CE Week (Consumer Electronics Week) and one national in Las Vegas at CES, the Young Innovators to Watch programs are highly-publicized events with great media reach, sponsored by companies and organizations dedicated to advancing student creativity, exploration, and STEM/STEAM-based projects.

2017 Regional Entries