The youth of America have voted and will be voting again soon, and most of them are not well-informed enough to make a useful decision about who will be their next representatives. Callidate, a Flask-based web application with a slew of features that both inform the users and allow the users to share their opinions, is the solution to this problem.

The general information page is the face of Callidate. It is meant to give the quick facts about the political race. There will be a list of local candidates in races in your area (currently there is just presidential candidates). More general information about politics is and will be included on this page and other informational pages, such as how elections work and the party platforms. The live chat is a place where users can discuss their opinions on the debate, how they feel about controversial policies, and share their general thoughts about the presidential race. The forum is where users can write longer posts to share their thoughts. All users can look at all blog posts, but, in order to create a post, you must create an account and sign in. Users with accounts can then either create posts or edit their previous posts. Just in case the landing page didn’t provide enough information, we have a search bar. Here users can query information from the New York Times and Twitter, and see the results side-by-side to compare public and editorial content about the presidential race. — Caitlin Stanton, Sean Stanton, Sabrina Bergsten