The CleanBreathe is a device that eliminates the major health hazard of secondhand smoke. The smoker inserts their lit cigarette into the device at one end, and smokes it as they normally would, blowing the smoke into an aperture on the same side as the cigarette. The smoke then passes through a series of filters consisting of layers of foam, activated charcoal, and dryer sheets. These filters remove the harmful elements and odor from the cigarette smoke. Thus, the exhaust emitted from the other side of the CleanBreathe is both not pungent and relatively safe.

The body of the device is made out of PLA plastic and is entirely 3D printed. Once the body is printed, it can be fairly easily assembled by inserting the filtering materials mentioned above into the appropriate slots and gluing the pieces together. I intentionally designed it this way, as this allowed me to test multiple combinations of filters conveniently in order to determine which configuration achieves the desired goal most effectively.

In eliminating the hazard of secondhand smoke, the CleanBreathe ensures that when people make the personal decision to risk their health by smoking, they do not endanger those around them. This innovation protects non-smoking members of our society (including children as well as adults) from suffering the potentially deadly consequences of being around somebody who smokes. ¬†— Daniil¬†Frants