We saw that the LinkNYC kiosks in the city were very bland and had a lack of applications. We also saw that in our communities, teens are feared and looked down upon as unhelpful so we decided to tackle both problems with the same solution. HelpNYC is an initiative/startup/app to add more applications for the LinkNYC kiosks that will help the community. Our goal is to empower and encourage teenagers all over the city to come together and build applications to place on the HelpNYC platform that will benefit their communities. We used tools such as Socket.io, Node.js, and Advanced Javascript to create two apps to demo for the cause. The first app, Foster, is an app that allows communities to vote on lease-able stores/buildings to decide which small business they want placed there. This helps small businesses and guarantees customers because the community vouched for it which results in a win/win situation for everybody. The second app is Sanctuary which is an app that allows homeless people to find shelters nearby and reserve a spot for a bed for the night if they can’t make the line in time. The request will be sent to the shelter and they can get a bed for the night making their lives easier and efficient rather than going to the chaos in the line. –Shemar Dacosta, Christopher Torres, Franklin Benjamin, Edison Castillo