OneRing is a wearable ring that analyzes movement patterns through machine learning to automatically diagnose and assess Parkinson’s disease. Current diagnostic and prognostic procedures for Parkinson’s disease require a face-to-face meeting with a physician at an appointment, and can only occur intermittently. Furthermore, current assessment of the disease is inherently subjective – it is entirely based on what a doctor manages to notice at the appointment. OneRing was algorithmically trained on hundreds of hours of previously validated Parkinson’s patients’ movement data, and has unearthed underlying patterns regarding the motion associated with various stages of the disease. The device and machine-learning software use spectral analysis and signal processing to identify unique Parkinson’s motor symptoms, classifying the conditions of Bradykinesia, Dyskinesia, and tremor. As a result, OneRing produces a meaningful, automated report at a patient’s home from passive daily movement data. The low-cost wearable ring can revolutionize Parkinson’s disease care – bringing high precision monitoring at every hour of the day to the fingertips of patients. Disease progression can be tracked, the impact of treatments analyzed, and new drugs created based on analyzing disease trends. Furthermore, OneRing has already been deployed in the homes of dozens of Parkinson’s patients worldwide as an FDA classified Investigational Exempt Device, successfully tracking the condition every minute of the user’s day and feeding data back to their physicians for monitoring. –Utkarsh Tandon

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