People always want to keep going and reach their destination. Yet, sadly, people don’t comprehend that sometimes they are too tired to keep going. SleepBeep is to help drivers with their fatigue. It has a driver fatigue test where it will determine if you should keep driving. The questions have memorization, calculation, and self-diagnosis. If you receive a poor score, an alarm will beep every fifteen minutes to help keep you awake until you find a place to rest. Additionally, SleepBeep provides users a list with a variety of locations and facilities that they can use. Some of the maps are of hotels, rest stops, fast food restaurants, free air pump locations, gas stations with their prices, and even a trucker directory. The main aspect of the app is the driver fatigue test. It quizzes the user on whether or not they are tired and if they should get off the road. The questions vary in memorizing, calculations, and self-diagnosis. After the user goes through all the questions and submits their responses, the driver will be alerted with their results. If extremely tired, a fifteen-minute interval alarm will start to remind the driver to get off the road and to help keep them awake until reaching a safe location. SleepBeep is an app that finally allows drivers to have a wakeup call when it comes to driver fatigue.

I have seen drivers swerving off the road and even a semi-trailer truck go over the side of a mountain in the early morning. People often don’t know when they’ve reached that “too tired” state. So, driver fatigue is an issue that can’t be ignored and I decided to do something about it. SleepBeep is an interactive, helpful and efficient way to help keep fatigued drivers off the road. Similar apps lack SleepBeep’s recommended plan on how to deal with the driver fatigue from the interactive test, which makes competing apps lose their effectiveness. Everyone focuses on drunk driving. We have breathalyzers, sobriety tests, and more. But what about driver fatigue? There are no tests. The lack of driver fatigue prevention programs leads to dire implications. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths in 2013. The mission of SleepBeep is to keep people safe. It enables drivers to become cognizant of their tired state. SleepBeep goes further by providing the user a customized plan depending on their fatigue level. It revolutionizes driving safety by helping people understand when they are too tired to drive and offers suggestions on what they can do about it. –Briana Berger