The app, TimeBreak, will be able to help people with time management in today’s society, where they are too busy to handle and remember everything that they need to do. By allowing the users to create their to-do lists for a day and beyond with the calendar and to organize them based on the category, from homework to extracurricular activities. Also while making the task list, users can set the time goal as well and once that time is over, the alarm and notification will be sent.

Every morning and evening, the app will automatically send out the notification about the list of things to do the next day for the reminder. There is Break section, which similarly allows the users to relax and do other things other than work, such as watching Youtube, going to Facebook or Instagram and the timer feature is also included. Once the users complete the daily goal / to-do list, they can compete with friends on the number of goals they achieve and this will motivate them to keep up the good work.

My partner and I have continuously worked on creating the logo, brand name, features and overall designs with the Google Illustrator and we are primarily using X-code to make the app function. –Michelle Rhee, Madalena Teles