We love our apps, but it sure is hard to discover the good ones. That’s why we created the Mobile Apps Showdown, to surface the best of the new breed of apps. The Showdown actually begins months before CES starts, as contestants, who believe that they’ve got what it takes to make a great app, sign up to show their stuff. Our expert judges narrow the field to a final ten or so, and then these best of the best compete in a two-part contest. There’s an online vote in the weeks leading up to the live event, and onstage at the LVCC during an energy fueled contest where winners are chosen by sound-metered applause.



The Mobile Apps Showdown is the best place at CES to showcase the innovation and ingenuity that today’s app builders have. The contest, a combination of online people’s vote and expert judges vote will select 5 apps to showcase on the big stage at CES on January 7.


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