BECKMAN HIGH SCHOOL, She created an app called BlueJay. The app connects through Bluetooth to an Intel Edison that is attached to a drone. She built it to help emergency responders fly the drone over areas that have been impacted by disasters. The drone can collect data, such as GPS location, from those who are stranded. The Edison stores all of the information it collects in its internal storage, and once it has returned to emergency responders. it runs a script to upload all of its data to the cloud. Another script is run to download updated information to be sent to the users when it flies back out into the field. And for those in the know: Sara used Swift3 with Xcode, and programmed the scripts for Edison in Python and Javascript.

TESORO HIGH SCHOOL, Shalin Shah, a junior at Tesoro High School in California, created Lumno, an app and hardware add-on for mobile phones that can detect early glaucoma. It’s a disease that often goes undiagnosed and affects more than 60 million people worldwide

CHAPIN SCHOOL, Emily hails from NYC. She became fascinated with environmental issues while on a summer internship and put her tech skills to work programming an environmentally conscious game called Finding Clover. The game that uses geotagging to help players search for clover as they learn about toxins and pesticide. Emily Post who’s game Finding Clover uses geotagging to help players learn about the environment and the toxic effect of pesticides as they search for clover.

Utkarsh Tandon, Age 16
Cupertino High School, Developed a ring to help monitor and diagnose tremors in Parkinson’s patients. Utkarsh Tandon is the Founder and CEO of OneRing, an intelligent tool for monitoring Parkinson’s Disease. His creation – a wearable ring, captures movement data from a patient in order to algorithmically identify Parkinson’s movement patterns and classify its severity on a daily basis.

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