Microneedling Pen- Prickly Issue

Some people might be confused with the title of the article because it is many things to many folks. Those aware of the skin puncturing procedure would know it from start to finish.

We live in a world where good looks are valued over character and style always comes first over substance. However, micro-needling is a therapy that cleans dirt from your skin that has become accustomed to black spots and wrinkles especially when age catches up.

Yes, we all know that age is just a number if you look at it from a general standpoint. Today, both the young and old folks realize the importance of good health and are willing to go to extreme measures to stay young all the time what better than micro-needling to get rid of aging skin cells that make you look a lot older than your age.

Defining Points

Micro-needling is defined as the process of puncturing the skin with a small needle so as to get rid of dead skin cells. It is a cosmetic procedure that is known as Collagen Induction Therapy practiced on a regular basis.

Any local spa that you visit has this procedure for people that aren’t satisfied with a facial or massage as sometimes the dirt is too stubborn to come off easily and it takes quite some time to do so.

Some people find it peculiar that a minuscule needle can be used as a medium for skin cleansing by constantly having it pierced on a regular basis. The skincare technique is termed micro-needling as it not only tackles wrinkles and lines but scarring problems are greatly reduced as well.

Micro-needling is a difficult task so you can’t just go to any random spa or medical facility to get it done because there are numerous risks involved that can be dangerous if not done correctly.

Micro-needling products are aplenty in the market but the main feature is that all have small and thin needles used for skin piercing. The needles have to be kept in a cylinder and rolled across numerous parts of the skin.

Sometimes the needles are too small in size and only touch the topmost of the skin called epidermis, which is mostly dry and houses dead skin cells. Longer needles penetrate deeper into the skin through numerous layers and can reach living cells and blood vessels.


All the products required for skin piercing have to be regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as that is the official stamp for the microneedles that they’re safe for human use because the side effects of using the wrong needles for skin piercing can be severe and sometimes even fatal.

The good news is that FDA has cleared the micro-needling pen for people above 20 for skin improvement.

The process reduces surgical scars throughout the body along with the acne and dark circles under the eyes along with the wrinkles. You can always look up micro needling devices online for more information and choose the ones that suit your skin tone.

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