Personal Injury Lawyer How To Choose The Best Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a car accident, but are not sure whether you want to talk to an lawyer because you fear the cost of litigation, you may be surprised to find out that many personal injury lawyers will take on your case with no, or limited upfront cost.

No Charge First Consultation

Many personal injury attorneys charge no fees for the initial meeting, or consultation. This will give you an opportunity to meet with the attorney, explain the facts and circumstances, and find out his take as to whether or not you have a legitimate claim. Although you may want to know what your claim is valued at, most lawyers will not put a value on the case, due to the fact that so many variables are extremely unpredictable.

What is a Contingent Fee?

Many personal injury attorneys will usually take a valid matter on a contingent fee basis. What is meant by this, is that you will not need to come up with any money for the attorney in advance. The attorney will charge his or her fees to the faulty party, or their insurance company, only when he gains any money for the client. If there’s no recovery with your case, you don’t owe any legal fees. If you do arrange a settlement or are granted a court ordered award, the attorney then charges a percentage of your total amount for legal compensation. The exact amount you will pay could generally differ among lawyers, and might be regulated in a few states, but usually you will pay anything from 1/3 (33.3%) to 40% for legal fees, should you gain an settlement.

Legal Fees

By law, as well as the legal code of ethics, all lawyers are required to charge you for all costs spent while pursuing your claim. These costs will include: police reports, medical reports, court reporter expenses, and much more. Once again, lawyers have different procedures as to how they are reimbursed for these costs. Some may pay them as they incur, and then reduce the amount of your settlement. Others will bill these costs periodically as the matter proceeds.

Each attorney will have a client – attorney agreement which will list each parties rights and responsibilities. Please make sure that you carefully review the contract prior to retaining any attorney.

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