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How You Can Tell If Your Doctor Gave Your Baby Hypotonia

Children that have hypotonia will seem to have very weak, undeveloped muscles. When holding the child, he or she may feel limp and unable to hold itself up. In the past, low muscle tone was usually found in children that suffered from Prader Willi Disease, Tay-sachs, Down’s Syndrome, and other genetic disorders. Today, an increasing number of otherwise healthy children are also being born with hypotonia.

Babies that have hypotonia will usually look normal. At birth, their muscle development is normal; the problem is actually with the central nervous system. The nerves that affect motor control are not communicating properly, causing the problems in movement and muscle tone. However, because the muscles are not being used by the child, they will not build endurance or strength.

The Signs of Hypotonia in Babies

While low muscle tone is more apparent in late toddlerhood, babies will begin to show signs very early on. A normal baby should be able to grasp things in his or her palm by two months of age. By three months, babies should be able to lift their head on their own. If a child cannot do these things, it may be a sign of something serious.

By three months old, babies should also be able to hold their head up while seated. In a seated position, babies should have control of their legs and movements. If a baby sees an object that interests them, they should have enough strength to grab for it. The older a child gets, the more apparent their condition will become.

Is the Doctor Responsible?

The cause of benign hypotonia is not really known. If the condition is associated with another, more serious condition, like cerebral palsy, it may be the fault of the doctor. If a medical error was made during the birth of the child, it may have caused the condition. For example, cerebral palsy is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. If the child was left in the birth canal for too long, that may be the fault of the physician.

Hypotonia is also caused by malnutrition, vitamin D deficiency, hypothyroidism, premature birth, Down’s Syndrome, kernicterus, and lysosomal storage diseases. If any of these conditions caused the hypotonia, parents will need to determine if the doctor should have realized the problem. For example, did the doctor advise the mother to improve her diet during her pregnancy? Could the premature birth have been avoided?

However, in some cases, none of these causes are present. To determine the cause of the hypotonia, parents will need to speak with their physician. It can be very difficult to determine fault. If parents believe that their doctor may be responsible, they may need to contact an experienced attorney to advise them on their situation.

Cheap Watches For Men Online That Look Expensive

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Giordano Analog White Dial

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Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Bipolar symptoms in men are almost same as the bipolar disorder symptoms in women, just the difference of the gender. Bipolar disorder has now affected almost 5.7 % of the U. S. population. Bipolar disorder can be experienced by any person of any age. Bipolar symptoms in men occur at very early stage of life and mainly it is encountered with the first episode of mania. The main differen ce in bipolar disorder of women and bipolar disorder in men is that the bipolar symptoms in men are more severe in men than in women. Men are more prone to manic episodes than women. During manic episode, men tend to shout, yell and drink more than they ever do which can lead to jail time or hospitalization. To cope up with their Bipolar symptoms in men , men usually take help of drugs or alcohol. Even if bipolar disorder in men is severe, they never take help of medication and treat them well. This the reason why the possibility of suicide increases in men suffering from Bipolar symptoms in men. There are few types of bipolar symptoms in men such as:

Mania: Bipolar symptoms in men

Bipolar symptoms in men include an extremely elated happy mood or an extremely irritable, angry, unpleasant mood. Men have increased physical and metal activity and energy and racing thoughts when having manic episode. Increased talking and more rapid speech than normal are one of the most visible Bipolar symptoms in men. Men also become over ambitious and often grandiose plans. Risk taking becomes a normal part of their routine. Impulsive activity such as spending sprees, sexual indiscretion, alcohol, abuse, decreased sleep without experiencing fatigue are few Bipolar symptoms in men.

Depression: Bipolar symptoms in men

Bipolar symptoms in men at time of depressive episode include loss of energy, prolonged sadness, decreased activity and energy, restlessness and irritability. Inability to concentrate and to make decisions happens frequently when men suffer from bipolar disorder. Increased feeling of worry, anxiety, less interest in day to day activities, less enjoyment in the activities once loved extremely, feelings of guilt and hopelessness, change in appetite, change in sleeping patterns and thoughts of suicide are few Bipolar symptoms in men.

Treatment for Bipolar symptoms in men

The foremost thing that men do in Bipolar symptoms in men is to drink alcohol and abuse. So improve these things, it is important to take dual treatment. During substance abuse treatment, the patient is put through a period of detox so that the symptoms of problem can be clearly distinguished from bipolar disorder. After detox , the patient enters in to a residential treatment program that includes individual therapy, group counseling and a 12 step program to address the substance addiction. The treatment of Bipolar symptoms in men includes medication of antidepressants and mood stabilizers in addition to cognitive – behavioral therapy and / or dialectical behavior therapy. These both theories help men to replace their old coping habits with the new ones. Right treatment at the right time is the best way to fight Bipolar symptoms in men. Bipolar symptoms in men should be diagnosed by specialized psychiatrics and not be confused with other mental disorders.