I am launching a company called GroGreen which aims to reduce the amount of imperfect produce that goes to waste each year by connecting local farms to restaurants and juice and smoothie bars. As it turns out, restaurants and juice and smoothie bars are the perfect beneficiaries of ugly produce since they transform produce to the point where the original forms no longer matters. Thus, restaurants will benefit from buying their produce through GroGreen at 20% below the market price. On the other hand, GroGreen opens up a new market for farmers who are able to now sell produce that they would otherwise have to throw away while still retaining the majority of the profit. As a company, GroGreen acts as the trade and delivery service, transporting these produce items from farmer’s markets to restaurants local to New York City.

In order to help facilitate these interactions, I built GroGreen, an iOS application using the programming language Swift and Xcode. The external server, Firebase, was used to handle user authentication, and the Firebase database was used to store orders in real time. The API Stripe was also used for in app payment. GroGreen has two platforms. When restaurants log in, they will be able to place an order by selecting the desired, produce, and quantity they want to purchase, and then pay. Next, farms log in, see what orders they need to complete, and then when finished, archive their order. I am looking forward to launching GroGreen this Summer!