In a world where smartphones consist of a large portion of our daily lives, Motorola’s new modular ecosystem gives smartphone users what they need to stay ahead of the innovative technology curve. Through a 16 pin connector and four powerful magnets, the new Moto Z allows you to slap on any mod to completely change the smartphone’s functions.
Our company, MACAY Labs, created TrueSound, a high fidelity DAC and amp with dual input and output capabilities. With TrueSound, smartphone users can listen to audio with straight-out-of-the-studio quality and record clean tracks with compatible musical instruments and microphones. Through TrueSound’s app, users will be able to customize their individual audio experience and add effects to their input recordings.
TrueSound was created using Motorola’s Developer Kit, various audio codec chips, and headphone jacks. We are currently testing multiple audio chips to see which gives the clearest and highest quality audio. We also use a ¼” to 3.5mm adapter to plug in musical instruments such as guitars and basses.
In the world of technology, musical development has taken a backseat. Devices rarely give you the ability to customize your audio experience, let alone customize your recordings. Most devices that do have these features require a stationary computer, something most audiophiles and musicians tend to lack on the go. TrueSound allows you to take your audio anywhere, whether it’s listening to headphones while you’re walking to a friend’s or recording a clip of your band’s new song to post on social media.