Mathematica helps kids with the challenges they face in mathematics. It was founded on a student-to-student model: it is written by a student and made for students. Therefore, it uses language that is easy for students to understand.

It provides a collection of topics in Algebra/Geometry available via the website and through iOS/Android apps. It features a problem of the week section that provides an interactive way to review concepts and a feedback section for questions. I created this app in 7th grade and it has been in use successfully for almost a year.

I used Wix for website development and Ionic for the app UI. The Android app was built with MIT AppInventor and iOS app with Xcode. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

In conjunction with the app I am also offering regular tutoring sessions at the library for middle/high schoolers in my and neighboring school districts. My math teacher uses this project as a supplement to class materials. My project has been featured in The Somers Record town newspaper. My website has received more than 2800 views with multiple positive feedbacks.

I am proud to say that I am making a difference in my community and the students struggling in math are using my project to make real progress in their learning! My goal is to grow this project across a multitude of math topics that I will learn in high school and beyond.


What inspired me/us? *
I believe that one of the most effective ways of learning that often goes unnoticed is a student teaching a student. That’s why I created Project: Mathematica, a website and mobile app dedicated to helping students around my age with topics they learn in math. My inspiration came from two places: my love for Math and passion for technology. It all started in Algebra class in 7th grade when I noticed some of my classmates were having trouble doing certain mathematical operations on the graphing calculators. To me this process seemed simple enough, but it perplexed me on how to solve this problem for others. That’s when the idea struck me: Students need bite-sized, simple, and easy to grasp lessons that are written in a language that can be quickly applied. And what could be more effective than a student with a better understanding explaining it? Thus, Project: Mathematica was born. As I added new topics, I realized that for this idea to be successful and reach a wider audience, it needed to be easily accessible not just on computers through a website but also as an app on mobile devices. This drove me to design and create the mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. I soon started receiving numerous positive feedbacks from teachers and students alike with tips to further improve the app. During my tutoring sessions, I noticed that kids lost all their inhibitions and discussed their problem-solving hiccups more freely with me and understood what I taught them with relative ease than they would in a classroom setting. I felt at that point if I supplemented my teaching capability with better online content, it can flip a student’s fear of math to joy. With all these ideas and inspiration, I strive to make my app more robust by making it a 1-stop shop for all the math topics I learn along the way in high school and beyond. I plan on adding interactive discussion boards, more learning videos, and collaborating with others who have interest in this area. Overall, the process of creating this project was super fun and exciting.