Bees are currently at a bigger risk than ever. Due to effects from climate change, pesticides, and other varying reasons bees have been dying off. Despite their much hated stinging bees are a necessity. Without bees a lot of our much beloved crops would die off. This includes things such as apples, peaches, raspberries, tomatoes, and the list goes on. While it may seem like there is not much that can be done on the individual level, the little things count and this is where beelieve planters comes in.

Beelieve planters is a simple at home planter that allows anyone to plant bee friendly flowers and to provide bees with a variety of things they need to thrive. Planters can either be individual or connected with other units. Each planter will come with packets of bee friendly flowers along with a list of other recommended flowers. The edges of each plastic planter will have multiple depressions so that when the plants are watered, they will fill with water giving the bees a source to drink from. A pole with two shallow dishes will also rise from the middle of the planter that can be filled with sugar water or honey. This along with the pollen from the flowers gives bees ample sources and allows them to prosper and live a longer life. Each planter will need to be filled with soil and placed in a sunny area.