Every Year, many babies die due to suffocation in their sleep. Many of these deaths occur because parents let babies sleep in car seats. The Breath Safe System prevents infant suffocation in car seats.
The system is very modern and unique. Once the child sits in the car seat, the Breath Safe System will recognize there is an infant because of the butt sensor.
The sensor will make a noise to alert the parent to buckle up the infant. The seat will also be equipped with a head pressure sensor which can sense if an infant is safely leaning their head back against the seat headrest. After the child is buckled into the car seat for 20 seconds, the head rest pressure sensor will engage. When the baby falls asleep and leans forward, the pressure sensor will feel an absence of weight and correspondingly play a soft tone to alert the parent to check on the baby. Also, the pressure sensor will notice an absence of weight and after 15 seconds of the soft tone, two soft bars will emerge from the front of the baby seat. They will slowly expand out from the walls of the car seat until they are directly in front of the baby, and then guide the baby’s forehead back to the headrest.
This product is designed to prevent infant suffocation in car seats. Infant deaths are not acceptable and I felt a need to create a solution to this problem.