In today’s age, bias in news reporting is causing widespread political upheaval worldwide. My project was created in response to this.
Debate for Change is much more than merely an online debate and content creation platform. Users sign up and debate a topic of their choice one-on-one with an opponent in the presence of a moderator, and receive a worldwide ranking. Equally importantly, non-debaters can access content regarding the topics discussed, giving them exposure to equal amounts of bias on both sides of any issue, allowing them to form their own unbiased opinions. Having used HTML, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap for the client-side interactions, I developed the databases for the website in MySQL 5.7 and the server side in the Spring Framework. I used an additional server in Node.js for the API I used (WebRTC) for real-time communication of audio between the moderator and the participants within the online chatroom.
In 2016, I pitched my venture to Google and secured $20,000 in funding from them, which spurred me on to work harder to achieve my goals.
I am currently learning how to use a Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) network to create an artificially intelligent moderator for debates, and Apache Solr to sort relevant content.
These features combine to make a comprehensive digital content platform, created by the people, for the people, and by the people. In my opinion, it has the potential to be the future of digital media on a global scale.