The purpose of this was to test different types of food to determine the GMO content for insight on how much of store bought content contain GMO’s. Using Polymerase Chain Reaction and gel electrophoresis to extract and multiply DNA to see if they contained GMOs. We concluded that most of the tested foods contained traces of GMOs. Some results were not as expected because the Non-GMO chip had traces of GMOs. All foods were purchased at Market Basket.
This lab showcased that store bought foods such as cornbread, Fritos, Doritos, and sun chips contain GMOs. According to the USDA’s “Organic Standards” GMOs are not allowed to be found in any organic product. This tells us that the organic corn tested was not truly organic. The Non-GMO chip tested also contained traces of GMOs which means that it wasn’t Non-GMO. The results show that GMOs are found in all types of store bought foods, even if the label says it does not. It is clear that genetic technology has modified conventional food manufacturing.
Benchtop microcentrifuge
Balance & weighing paper
95 °C water
2 tubes InstaGene matrix
Mortar & pestle cleaned with 10% bleach & rinsed
Beaker of milli Q Deionized Water
Test food sample Non­-GMO food sample 2 Sterile transfer pipettes
Micropipettes (p20)
Micropipette tips
Labeling Marker
Microfuge tube rack
Empty tip box filled with ice
PCR reaction tubes strip
Cap strip
GMO Master Mix
Plant DNA Master Mix
GMO + control DNA
Test Food DNA