Every year, over 6 billion pounds of produce is being thrown away because it is judged to be “ugly”, and therefore, is not being bought. That is enough produce to solve world hunger! In fact, 1 in 5 produce items is wasted because it does not meet the cosmetic standards of supermarkets. It is not economically viable for farms to throw away so much time and money worth of healthy, edible produce. GroGreen Tech aims to turn wasted food into wanted food by minimizing the amount of ugly produce wasted each year. As it turns out, restaurants and juice and smoothie bars are the perfect beneficiaries of this produce since they transform the produce to the point where the original form no longer matters. On the other hand, farms benefit from using GroGreen Tech since they can sell produce that would otherwise be wasted.

GroGreen Tech has two platforms. When restaurants log in, they will be able to place an order by selecting the desired, produce, and quantity they want to purchase, and then pay using the Stripe API. The external server, Firebase, was integrated in order to handle user authentication and to store orders in real time. Next, farms log in, see what orders they need to complete, and then when finished, archive their order. As a company, GroGreen Tech will act as the trade and delivery service, transporting these produce items from farms to restaurants local to New York City.