Imagine if even the most mundane tasks like walking to the bathroom felt like monumental hurdles. That’s the story of our grandma, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. Like our grandma, the 350 million patients with arthritis face severe joint pain. Currently, there exist massage systems that allow users to relieve some of their pain. However, they have glaring shortcomings: they’re bulky, expensive, impede the user’s ability to continue normal activity, and require charging/batteries to function.
We’ve created a wearable wrap that uses one’s body heat to generate electricity and apply heat & massaging to stiff joints, thus providing cheap, easy-to-use, relieving massage therapy. By using Peltier Tiles and the Seebeck Effect to convert body heat to electricity, we are able to apply this energy to provide comfort to one’s joints, allowing them to simply slide on the wrap and forget about it. All you do is slide on the wrap and the Peltier Tiles convert the bodily heat humans release into energy that powers the massagers inside the wrap.
Meet Mary, our target customer. She’s one of the 350 million people worldwide affected by Arthritis. At 65 years old, she lives in a large nursing home in the suburbs, and loves reading books, crocheting scarves for her grandchildren, and playing checkers.
Like many other Arthritis patients, she’s had surgery, but the chronic pain persists, and the bulky, impeding, expensive, electricity-guzzling options prevent her from pursuing her hobbies, so she’s looking for a better option, and that’s exactly where Heat2Heal comes in.