Juke is an Android app that lets users convert their phone into an SMS based Jukebox. Anyone can send in song requests to this jukebox by simply sending a text message of the song name. Juke supports queues and works with Youtube, Spotify, and Google Play music.


Car rides- You can connect your phone to the car’s stereo and everyone can access the car speakers. “Pass the aux cord” is a thing of the past with Juke. Passengers can instead send you a text message of their favorite song.

Parties – Host a party and let guests send in song requests with an simple text message. Juke is a great replacement for an expensive DJ .

Restaurants – Restaurant owners can set up Juke at their venue so that customers can request music. The restaurant owner can collect phone numbers of Juke users at their venue to whom they can send offers and promotions.

To use the app, open the app on your phone and ask a friend to send you a message in the format – “Song <space> anysongname”

To create Juke, I used Java programming with the Android SDK on Android Studio. The app waits for a message with the aforementioned parameters and fires a broadcast that plays a song.

Juke has been featured on Phandroid, howtomen, and Gizmodo Brasil and with over 700 free installs and 100 paid users, Juke is growing. I plan on marketing the app to party-going college students and restaurants.