My project addresses one of the major issues that is impacting the rapidly growing elderly population nationally and globally – the physical, mental and emotional distress resulting from improper intake of prescription medication. Drug/medication-related problems are one of the most common causes of health-related problems and loss of independence in the elderly population.
My product uses web-based information links to connect a patient’s medicine dispensing device to the patient, the patient’s pharmacy and the patient’s doctor.
1. The doctor sends a prescription to the pharmacy, which is picked up by the patient.
2. The accurate prescription would arrive on MedEasy’s electronic control screen on the dispensing device (which will have a detachable option). MedEasy will then prompt the user to pour each bottle of medicine into a specific drawer of the dispenser (thus greatly reducing human error of allocating the right doses into medicine trays–a major problem with medicine dispensers currently on the market)
3. MedEasy’s touch screen and self-prompting system will also significantly increase the ease and simplicity of setting up and making changes to the pill dispensing schedule, thus reducing human errors
4. The system will also automatically send prompts to both the user and designated pharmacy for refills
5. Ultimately the sophistication of the information process will provide more complex and individualized information such as flagging medicine combinations that could cause adverse reactions.
In addition, the dispensing machine will have the unique and state of the art capability to hold 20 different medications/supplements with accurate dispensing capability.