Reddy to Brew ( is a journalistic news site and product review service, supporting transparency, sustainability, and fair trade in the modern specialty coffee industry. It is an online site that publishes articles featuring the comprehensive process of coffee production from seed to cup.

Coffees chosen are highlighted for a notable prioritization of transparency, sustainability, and fair trade practice in production. These coffees are roasted by small business roasters who source their raw coffee beans from individual farmers or cooperatives that follow Fairtrade, Utz, and USDA Organic Certifications. The goal of Reddy to Brew is to tell the stories these farmers as well as the roasters who buy their coffee. These coffee farmers are often located in low-income, rural areas; the roasters are usually small business that opened in the last decade.

Today, Reddy to Brew has over 600 subscribing coffee professionals, from baristas to coffee importing managers to small coffee shop owners. Farmers and companies interested in reviews email me information about their farm or business, and then send coffee for review. Each farmer and roaster whose coffee is featured has access to a network of potential buyers and interested consumers, and receives recognition for the work he or she has been doing towards transparency, sustainability, and fair trade.

Consumers in the specialty coffee market today have a vast selection when it comes to choosing their coffee. Reddy to Brew helps them decide by offering taste evaluations and scoring, featuring environmentally friendly and socially conscious products.