RestShare is about connecting people to food. Our project connects restaurants, soup kitchens, and volunteers in an easy way to both reduce waste at restaurants and enable food insecure people obtain a good meal. First, it starts with restaurants that can share a list of extra foods that they might otherwise throw away. Next, soup kitchens and other establishments can request food that they might need from the list. Lastly, volunteers can help out by transporting the food from the restaurants to the soup kitchens.

We have created an iOS app that helps facilitate this sharing in a very easy manner. Our app RestShare was built using Swift and Xcode and uses Google Firebase realtime database as the data store. The app allows restaurants, soup kitchens, and volunteers to see and select what others have shared or requested in real time. Our app is available on the Apple App Store.

We connected with a few restaurant owners and managers to understand how they plan their operations and how they deal with unused cooked food. The owners and managers were very receptive to our ideas and provided us with valuable feedback.

We hope to spread our ideas with more restaurants and soup kitchens so that food insecure people can really benefit from our solution.