A Rube Goldberg Project consists of many functions that will result in one action. For example, a Rube Goldberg machine will contain 6 different steps that all collaborate together to turn on a light. My Rube Goldberg Project consists of eleven different steps to complete the simple action of popping a balloon. The list includes: the fan is turned on, the fan pushes the marble forward, the marble rolls down the ramp into a tube, the marble continues moving through the downward tube, the marble hits the Jenga block with its built up velocity force, the Jenga blocks knock one another by gaining and using the energy from the marble, the last Jenga block knocks over the baseball, the baseball activates the lever, the lever moves up releasing the wind up machine, the wind up machine pulls a string attached to the lever, the opposite side of the lever moves upward with a needle which pops the balloon. I use tape, ramp, fan, tube, Jenga blocks, foam blocks, wind up toy, needle, ballloon, and string.