Scootle is a flexible bendable convoluted scoop that can go into a bottle of any size. This is to extract leftover product from a near empty bottle to avoid 20-25% wastage. Scootle can be used to extract cosmetics such as lotion, makeup, shampoo, and can also be used for food products. Scootle comes in 2 sizes to extract left-over product from various sized bottles.
How much wastage is there of using narrow opening pump bottles for cosmetic/beauty product and is there a device to extract left over product to control wastage?
If there was a device that can be used to extract left over cosmetic/beauty product from pump bottles then people can benefit from having more product and keep from wasting in turn helping the environment. This helps environment because for recycling a plastic container of any type it needs to be clean and free of any products inside. Many waste management agencies will send such waste to licensed hazardous waste processors because of the chemicals used to make these products.
There will be a significant amount of product recovery if a device can be used to extract leftover product from such narrow opening pump bottles.
Various pump bottles will be gathered that seem to have leftover product at the bottom. These bottles must be cut open using scissors. Leftover product will be taken out into measuring cup and amount of product extracted will be measured and recorded.
The outcome should show that there should be approximately 20%-25% product recovery.