SesothoStudy is a free educational site developed to teach and inspire Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) to learn Sesotho easily on their smartphones and computers. The site offers an ever-increasing variety of common day to day Sesotho phrases to learn from, unlike any other place on the internet. I understand the challenges and frustrations of foreign language learning thus I embedded a speech-engine and the phonetic spelling into the site to maximize PCVs ability to learn Sesotho as quickly and efficiently as possible.
I used Sublime text 3, Photoshop CS 5, Google Chrome and Anyvideo Converter.
The site is really important to me because over 120 Peace Corps currently serving in Lesotho rely on it for basic lessons such as how to greet a group of people or how to hail a taxi. The site is no longer being visited by Americans but tourists all over the world has started using the site (I see the data from Google Analytics). Moreover, by providing this service for free really means a lot to me.