Osteoarthritis (OA) is a prevalent knee injury impacting a third of the population over the age of 65 and can require total knee replacement surgery (TKR). Deep vein thrombophlebitis (DVT), a major complication that stems from TKR, can lead to deadly pulmonary embolisms. Current rehabilitation solutions post-TKR provide only short intervals of guided aid, afterwhich patients are expected to perform self-care measures. Unfortunately, when rehabilitation is left to the whim of the patient, complications arise. Two predominant issues, incorrect use of the new knee and lack of activity, can lead to DVT.
The SmartSleeve is a novel wearable device that can revolutionize patient self-care after TKR. This knee sleeve incorporates a variety of sensors (gyroscope/accelerometer, pulse sensor, flex sensor, temperature sensor, muscle sensor) with microelectronics to monitor important aspects of recovery: range of motion, swelling, acceleration, and wound monitoring. The data recorded will be sent to the patient and the treating physician via a proprietary app to improve postoperative care and medical treatments. The sleeve is breathable to provide air circulation and antibacterial to avoid infection. The ability for both patient and specialist to monitor the knee and address all potential issues would be an invaluable resource that could save lives.