Replacing the taste of sweetness is impossible in a North American’s diet, so the practical thing to do is to reduce the health impact of sugar while maintaining the flavor. The mainstream approach has been to replace sugar with unhealthy artificial sweeteners.
However, SweetBud is a coffee cup lid that simulates the taste of sweetness using non-invasive electrical currents that stimulate the tongue (through the metal wires on the side), causing your brain to believe you’re tasting something sweet.
Sweetbud is an independent, portable system that you can install on almost all types of coffee cups, and comes with a mobile application for you to adjust sweetness intensity and track your usage. We have an initial prototype which can simulate a mild sweetness and we’ve 3-D printed several more user-friendly designs of the lid. We tested various combinations of metals, frequencies, and waveforms to arrive at our current version.
There are currently no similar products that use virtual or augmented reality to trick your senses of taste and smell. In fact, not much research has been done in this field, so we are essentially pioneers. We believe this is the next big thing in technology, and it could change how we interact with food, beverages, and the physical world. RECENT DEVELOPMENT