The Eybrator is a haptic glove that guides users around obstacles and gives an improved perception of the environment, potentially replacing the everyday cane.

There are several parts that are working in conjecture in The Eyebrator, there is an ultrasonic sensor, a breadboard, an arduino mini, a raspberry pi, and a vibration motor all connected to each other. The ultrasonic sensor detects the distance between itself and objects, which is then sent to the the arduino mini so it can be processed and relayed to the vibration motor. The intensity of the vibration motor is dependent of the distance read by the ultrasonic sensor, the closer an object is the stronger the vibrations will be. It is through the vibrations that a user can outline objects and provide them with more information about their surroundings than ever before.
The Eyebrator gives an increased perception and understanding to its users, improving their interactions with their environment. Allowing users to better comprehend and analyze their surroundings than what they could ever do with a cane.