In the United States alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports drowsy driving is a factor in more than 100,000 crashes a year. While fatigue monitoring systems do exist, they are cost-prohibitive for the average person, with current solutions costing upwards of $20,000 a unit. To bring this life-saving technology to the masses, we developed an, a free and easy-to-use Fatigue Monitoring application.

When the user first starts the application, a camera screen appears, and informs the user when their face has been detected. The user can then start the alarm application by pressing a button. The application will switch to a power-saving black screen. When signs of fatigue are detected, will slowly brighten the screen to red and play a humming noise that will increase in volume as time goes on. Eventually, a siren noise will play, and a flashing exclamation mark will appear. The screen will fade to black when the user regains full consciousness. If can no longer detect the user’s face, it will play a soft notification sound and change to a camera screen with a flashing question mark. When the user exits the application by clicking the close button, they are brought back to the 1st camera screen, and can see their statistics on wakefulness by pressing a chart button.

OpenCV is used to track eye movement in detecting fatigue. This information is relayed to a vue.js web front-end by a python flask server.