The purpose of this experiment was to lower the level of Chironomus plumosus by raising the level of a storm water retention pond by 20 inches, and to test and improve the quality of a pond. A high density polyethylene pipe was installed to raise the level of the pond. Two 1×1 square feet boxes were marked off and counted twice daily to track the population of Chironomus plumosus. Seven water quality samples were taken. Chlorine, pH, phosphate, nitrate, and dissolved oxygen tests were run on the samples. After the pipe was installed, Chironomus plumosus counts, sample collection, and chemistry tests continued, Chironomus plumosus population dropped by 69%. The pH, chlorine, and phosphate levels had a linear decrease. Dissolved oxygen levels increased. Nitrate levels stayed at 0 ppm throughout the entire experiment. The statistical tests proved that the Chironomus plumosus population decreased and water quality improved after the pipe was installed. In conclusion, raising the water level of a storm water retention pond by 20 inches, the population of Chironomus plumosus decreased in surrounding areas and water quality improved.