Our design is a self-sustained water-remediation system to provide drinking water for children at the Melka Olba School in Ethiopia.   Our system will draw water from a bore hole well and purify the contaminated water through a rocket stove furnace, a boiler, and a condenser. The water that comes from the bore hole has tapped into a hot spring. As a result, the water is packed with hydrogen sulfide and sodium fluoride, and comes out at near boiling temperatures. Using this to our advantage, the first stage of our system vaporizes the water in order to off gas solid particles. Our main invention is the integrated rocket stove and boiler. The combination of the two are designed to optimize efficiency and produce as much water as possible. From there, the water condenses through copper pipes suspended in a body of water at a lesser temperature, creating distilled water. The purification is a unique design and process specific to purifying the water table impurities of that region. Our team was named a Lemelson MIT InvenTeam grant recipient, one of 15 teams in the nation.  Now, we will work with MIT professors, doctoral candidates, and professional engineers to build a working prototype.  We will present our prototype at MIT’s Eurekafest in June, 2018 and by working with Jo Butler, the founder of Ethiopian Children’s Appeal Charity, we hope to deliver and install the system this summer in Ethiopia.  By the middle of January we will have made major progress in our design.