There are not many six wheel drive Remote Control cars available in the market right now. 98% of them have four wheels. I was not content with that. I decided to take it upon my self to modify a 4wd truck and make it 6wd. It was harder than I anticipated. My original plan was to add a separate motor and speed control for the rear wheels but I soon discovered there wasn’t enough space. I then decided I had to cut my rear differential in half and modify it to go through to the rear wheels. once that was completed, the next issue was making room for a driveshaft, I had to cut away the plastic bulkhead. After this, I only had one more step. I bolted the 2nd chassis to the first attached the wheels and then it could drive. after a couple minutes of driving I crashed it into the curb and the whole set up bent together. I had to take it all apart, bend it straight and then add another aluminum bracing piece on the bottom. Since then I haven’t had any problems with it, and I’ve even had some people request to buy their own conversion set. I’m really proud of this build. I think its really different and unique which makes it new and important. In a couple years when I start my career as a mechanical engineer, I hope to help bring innovation to my field and the rest of the world.

What inspired you (or your team)? 

I was inspired to build such a unique project by my friends and supporters from glencoe high school robotics. The experience I gained there creating pieces for our robots gave me confidence in my own skills to make something myself.