Backen is the first step towards disrupting education. As innovation accelerates rapidly, education has remained stagnant, and it can’t continue that way. Today, there is a huge wealth of knowledge on the internet. Anyone of any age can learn about exponential technologies like Machine Learning, or Blockchain. However, a lot of content on the internet is not easily digestible.

Imagine being excited and wanting to learn more about Self-Driving Cars, but you don’t know where to start. Now, imagine a world where you could search up Self-Driving Cars, and be shown a knowledge tree, of everything you’d need to learn to get there. It would branch down into Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Linear Algebra, and more. It would also generate personalized content for you.

That is the end goal of Backen. Currently, Backen is a web app that allows users to enter research papers, and get back key prior knowledge topics within that paper. Backen also displays a brief summary of each topic for the user. A lot of cutting edge technologies have constant breakthroughs which are reported through research papers. But I find myself spending a ton of time just understanding terms. That’s the problem Backen is currently solving.

But just imagine schools where students are actually excited to learn, because they know where they’re going. And they have freedom to choose what to learn.

Backen was created using Tensorflow, Microsoft Azure, various APIs, all connected in python. You can learn more about it from my article:

What inspired you (or your team)?

Being in the education system my whole life, I have firsthand knowledge as to what’s happening. Most students are simply flowing through the education system, not understanding what it’s all for. For students that do end up trying to pursue something bigger, they get lost. How do you expect anyone to navigate so much knowledge? Imagine the impact of a platform like this for even adults. Today we need to be agile. Workers need to be able to adapt to a constantly changing workplace. A platform that makes learning easier and more understandable, is going to be needed.