My project is to create a registrar that people can put it numbers that have been confirmed to be automated callers. You can then ask to import those numbers into a block list on your phone. Any confirmed numbers that people from around the world have put in will be combined into a list that you can easily put into the block list on your phone. As this goes on, the number of bot calls you receive will decrease drastically in accordance with the number of people that input bot numbers into the registrar. Currently, I’m planning on building an IOS application using the Swift programming language, and java for the Android application of it. This way, there is minimal to no privacy invasion and it is community centered, making it easy for people to join and help solidify the registrar.

Over the past two years, I had noticed that I was getting multiple calls a day from automated bot callers. No matter how many times I blocked a number, another one would pop up in its place. I would talk to colleagues at school and away and I’d hear that they would share numbers with each other that they knew were fake. That inspired me to start planning and designing the application, in the hope that bot calls can be rid of once and for all.