I built a RC car that I can control with my brain waves, using EEG(electroencephalograms) electrodes taped to my scalp. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFArCKhnbuY
After I built it, I was so fortunate to gain international attention — sharing on Discovery Channel and speaking at Websummit in Portugal, and I realized that this is just the beginning. The luck/privilege that I was given could be used to help millions. I later moved to control prosthetics.

Now, I’m working on developing brain controlled robots.

The immediate market is to help people with disabilities and comas to be able to gain back control and independence, allowing them to once again interact and communicate with the previously untouchable environment.

How it works, is the electrodes outputted a signal. I then applied a fourier transform to extract alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves etc. I then used machine learning to extract insights from the data. I then was able to correlate brain states with certain actions. ie: letting my brain run wild and think about everything released different signals than my brain trying to stay clear and meditate.

I’m really excited about it all, as I know that this industry, that has flown under the radar, can help millions of people across the globe 🙂

What inspired you (or your team)?

Realizing brain computer interface tech has the possibility to completely change the world. People are working on ways to upload information into your brain, transferring memories, and some smart people like Ray kurzweil think that in the 2030s we might just have brain chips– completely transforming the worlds in which we live.
The possibilities for the industry scared me. What if your brain could be hacked? If we’re really trying to optimize for success, is the best path to go down?

I realized that I wanted to use this tech for good, to help humans reach our optimal future. But there’s no way to control a field in tech that has huge economic incentive, unless you’re at the top. So my goal is to one day impact billions of people for the better, and be a thought leader in the industry, to have enough influence to hopefully use the technology for good, and avert the world from disaster 🙂