Catalyst is a platform in which individuals can turn their passionate and fiery political opinions into actual change. Within in the application, Congressman and regular people can draft bills and share that draft with others. The application was built using Android Studio and AWS. The application utilizes a content-based recommendation engine in order to recommended these bills to like-minded individuals who can help your draft build steam.

The recommendation engine, when tested, was found to have an accuracy rate of 84.4%. Your Bill will automatically be sent to local congressman after you post it, meaning they’ll be incentivized to sponsor and support it gets a large amount of support. Once a bill is sponsored, it can be introduced to Congress and potentially become through the legal process.

The application also analyzes your political activity within the application. After you’ve spent an extensive period of time using the application, a machine learning alright will make predictions as to which political stance you have on issues you’ve expressed the most amount of interesting. It will also compile this information in order to predict what your political identity.

All of this information could be utilized during election season to vote in representative that share your values. All of these various features of Catalyst allow for it to successfully integrate technology within politics in a manner that’s both practical and meaningful.

What inspired you (or your team)?

Within the united states, the 18-24-year-old demographic group has been notorious during the election cycle for having strong opinions politically but failing to take any action whatsoever when voting season beings. While there are several factors that perpetuate this cycle, such as the logistical complexity of voting, the strongest factor preventing individuals from this demographic from voting is the intense amount of apathy stemming from ignorance of the subjects and candidates on the ballot.

In order to combat this combat this epidemic, I went through the difficult but highly rewarding process of building my solution, Catalyst. I feel as if far too many individuals have fiery opinions as to how America should be, but concede any ability they have whatsoever to make a difference by failing to vote. I took it upon myself to address this epidemic.