Our project is an app that helps out those who are refugees or people who have been displaced from their homes due to a natural disaster. People who have space in their homes to hold others can post a picture of their house with a short description regarding their information and the space available. In addition, they can choose to supply those who need help with medical aid or food. The app will also display the nearest free clinics and the soup kitchens nearby if nobody on the app is willing to help with food. To build this app, we used the swift language and Xcode. This app is extremely important because those who are suffering from a natural disaster or refugees do not always have help from organizations such as the red cross or FEMA. This app eliminates the need of organizations that do not always arrive in time and replaces it with a system based on kindness and helping. Organizations take a lot of precious time to assemble to help refugees or those who are affected by natural disasters, and this valuable time can be used effectively because the users of this app can start helping others almost immediately. When we see heartbreaking natural disasters or we see refugees, all of us want to help around the world, but we are limited with the helping we can do. With this app, anybody can help one who is struggling by giving aid and making the world a better place.

What inspired you (or your team)?

My team and I were inspired to create this app because we witnessed the hurricanes in Florida, in Texas, and the refugee crisis in Syria which displaced many people and left many without any help. As a resident of California, the recent fires have been directly affecting us and we wanted to create something that could help the victims of this. Feeling powerless, we decided to take action against this problem and develop a solution that could be implemented in these areas so that people would not be helpless in these situations.