DashStrap is a web application designed to help keep schools, teams, and any other organization work in one central location via assigning tasks, collaborating with others, and organizing. At its core, DashStrap is designed to simplify project management tasks from task assignment, task sequencing, task progress tracking, communication, and collaboration. All of this is done while being focused on security, as we are committed to providing our user’s security and encryption so that their data can only be viewed by themselves and no one else. We value security and want to make sure that our customer/client does not need to worry about their data being in the wrong hands or being sold.

DashStrap is designed to integrate functionality that’s found in various other application, which only caters to singular parts of the problem. DashStrap will initially focus on targeting small to medium business (SMB) to make sure our product meets and caters to all of their needs. Once we establish a presence within SMBs, we will start to venture into other markets.
Made with the MERN(MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack, DashStrap is a javascript based application created around collaboration, efficiency, and security.

What inspired you?

The influx of applications cluttering the workspace that only solve a partial amount of the problem was the main inspiration behind DashStrap. We have had first hand experience trying to manage a workflow with the multitude of applications and after adapting to the workflow we still found it infuriating due to the lack of intercommunication between applications, lack of security with the applications, alongside non-user friendly UI and UE.