The project that I built is an electric skateboard. I created this in high school during my junior year both for fun and to learn more about electronic systems working with real-time applications. I used basic tools to make this including socket sets, a drill set, several screwdrivers, and electronic processors to make the remote and receiver. I wanted to make this from basic parts, which includes building the control circuitry from scratch as well as the coding. To clarify, an electric skateboard is a skateboard with a motor attached, which drives a wheel in order to propel the user forward. My system works by listening for radio signals sent from the remote and responds by turning the motor accordingly by utilizing rechargeable batteries and a motor driver. The remote works by sending signals based on a throttle position, slowly increasing the speed over time when the throttle is held up. It has a rechargeable battery as well and holds a charge for several days when only kept on during use. When I built this, I only treated it as a learning experience; however, I came to realize its full potential while at college. I am currently developing a second one to improve several properties such as battery life and the user interface. This project allows me to not only practice my love for engineering but gives me an opportunity to learn more about my field.


What inspired you (or your team)?

I was inspired to build this project specifically based on online videos and where I grew up. I grew up in a fairly dull town and wanted to introduce some excitement. Whenever I would ride my bike with my friends, I felt exhilarated by the feeling of wind in my face.. As a result, I wanted to generate this with an electronics based project. The combination of these two factors caused my to want to build my own, original, electric skateboard system.