MyVoice is a mobile app that provides Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) to people with speech impeding disabilities. Someone with Autism or Down syndrome can open MyVoice and use it to make their needs known. For anyone with an intellectual disability, the interface is designed to be simple and familiar. A user can type out words or phrases and tap a button to quickly have it spoken aloud. For younger users, or those who may not primarily type, they have the option to select images from within categories (Food, Weather, etc.), tap on them and have the associated word spoken aloud. This feature simulates the Picture Exchange Communication system (PECs) by showing recognizable images. Additionally, this experience becomes educational as the user learns to affiliate the spoken word with that image. Users can also add custom images, for example, of their teacher or of their favorite snack. The custom category provides quick access to words and phrases that a user may need to express multiple times throughout their day. Using machine learning, MyVoice can provide pre-filled descriptions of an image that the user wants to add, saving time and frustration. Furthermore, another feature allows a user to handwrite words as they are transcribed into text that can then be spoken aloud. These are just a few features built into MyVoice that change the way people with disabilities around the world communicate with others. MyVoice was developed in six months using the Xcode IDE and is written entirely in Swift.