For the One Health project my classmates and I were challenged to solve a One Health problem by creating a prototype for an innovative device. My team came up with the plans for a device to help those with hearing impairments. After researching current devices and health issues, we came up with the idea to develop a watch that also serves as a device that helps those with hearing impairments to be more aware of their surroundings. The watch would not only read time, but would also blink whenever a loud noise is occurring near the individual (the blinking would occur faster the louder the noise). With this device we hoped to help the hearing impaired when for instance someone is trying to talk to them from behind or if there is an alarm going off, our watch would help them be more aware of their surroundings. To develop this device we had to use Arduino hardware and software to code a prototype. Our prototype was able to successfully detect sounds of different volumes and cause a small red LED light to blink at different speeds. Lastly we created a marketing plan and ad to accompany the prototype. This project challenged me in many ways such as improving my coding skills and working with 3D computer modeling. I feel that my project, along with my peers, are important to help improve the lives of everyone including those in medical need.


What inspired you (or your team)? 

My team and I were inspired by the One Health project’s description and mission to solve the world’s problems. We wanted to target consumers who we feel are overlooked at times.