Have you ever went to a shopping mall, parked your car, went in to shop and when you came out it was difficult to find your car. Remember how frustrated you feel? So, I have invented the Parker Marker. It is a stick with a logo on top that you put on your car to make it easier to find in a crowded parking lot. You attach the base to the windshield and when you park, you put the rod into the base. This is a unique way to display your favorite logo while making it so much easier and faster to find your car. It was assembled by me utilizing several parts. First, I ordered the base from a manufacturer along with poles. Then, I used a custom mold to make the top part which you affix a logo onto. Then, I printed out logo’s to attach to the top part. It will help many people find their car and show their team pride.


It was hard for me to find my car in a busy parking lot. Many people have this problem so I wanted to do something about it.