Scootle is a device that helps extract leftover product out of any narrow opening pump or squeeze bottle such as lotion, shampoo, foundation, and ketchup to name a few. By extracting the leftover product from these plastic bottles Scootle prevents waste that ends up in landfills. Scootle scoop is made from silicone. Silicone is heat resistant and flexible.

The scoop is designed with a specific angle such that it holds product when extracting from long narrow opening bottles. The silicone base allows Scootle to be used safely with food products as well as cosmetics. Because silicone is heat resistant, Scootle can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. The silicone flexibility allows a person to clean the plastic bottle of any product thoroughly making the plastic bottle easy to recycle. The Scootle handle is made out of plastic. The handle is strong yet flexible. There is a loop at the top that is designed such that people can hang the Scootle on a hook for easy storage. Using Scootle is win-win for everyone. Not only by using Scootle to extract cosmetics from narrow opening bottles, hazardous chemicals are kept from harming our environment, but at the same time people are able to get more use of their product inadvertently saving them money.

Scootle is in the manufacturing stage at the moment. Several test runs of the product have been completed for quality, color and usability. Scootle is now in the final phase of the manufacture stage.

What inspired you (or your team)?

The inspiration of developing Scootle came from internal sources. I had seen my mother struggle to always use all of her cosmetic products. She would have facedown bottles of lotion, shampoo, foundation, etc. to get as much out of the bottle as possible. Not only that sometimes she would cut the bottles open and then that would be an even bigger mess.

Being part of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy at that time, I conducted a survey and found others struggle with the same problem. As I began to research I learned that cosmetics can contain chemicals that become hazardous for the environment when thrown out. This lead me to the development of Scootle.