My name is Sean Gilmore and I am from Houston, Texas. I came up with the idea for the “Sleepover Bed Tent” when i was just eleven years old in the fifth grade. That year, I won a school competition for my invention concept, and became determined to create and sell my idea. I worked on prototypes for more than two years experimenting with different fabrications and designs. I used the same techniques that scientist employ to test my products and to refine my invention. I finally came up with my product which is a tent that fits on a full or queen sized bed . It has a drop down center panel that divides the bed in half so that two people can have privacy while they sleep. After I had a final product I applied for and received a patent, recorded as Patent No. D0749686, in 2016. I launched my new company, the Sleepover Bed Tent, LLC to market my product. My invention is the unique solution for sleeping single in a double. I have sold it to individuals and also to a hotel .

What inspired you (or your team)?

My science teacher told us to come up with a new solution for an every day problem. My friends and I liked having sleepovers, but I only had one bed. That is how the idea for the sleepover Bed Tent was born.