Social Citizens is a Minecraft server plugin which basically uses the programming language Java to manipulate game mechanics and make new features work. My plugin’s goal is to create a social network experience within a minecraft server, so users can post status, message others, and much more all while in game. The project was maintained, developed, and improved all by myself. I would use the IntelliJ IDE along with the Spigot API (which makes Minecraft mechanics easily accessible) to develop this plugin. I also kept code open source and easily accessible through GitHub where source code can be found, the link to the GitHub can be found on the project website URL I included. Since this project is open source, others can expand on it and edit it to implement features they need to overall improve their experience on a Minecraft server.

What inspired you (or your team)?

The project original started because I wanted to learn how to program in Java. I started with small little projects and worked my way up to more complex things like my Social Citizens plugin. Now I have made much more complex things (all of which can be found on my github ) like completely new games built inside Minecraft and even messing more with other languages like C# in Unity. This project sparked because I wanted to learn how to code, and was able to inspire me to reach my goal of learned Java.