Taybro Yoga Mat is designed to be a cheap, clean mat to do yoga on. By using a mix of clear silicone sealant and mineral spirits in a 1:5 mixing ratio and painting it in thin layers onto a yoga mat, the mat becomes waterproof and stain-proof after drying. Mineral spirits is most effective because of its non-toxic and odorless characteristics. If applied in thin layers, the mat should not be changed much textually. Taybro Yoga Mats would be perfect for gyms that provide yoga mats. The solution prevents the spread of bacteria and sweat from seeping into the mat after every use. This could also be helpful when preventing stains, meaning that gyms won’t be needing to replace disgusting bacteria and stain-filled yoga mats as frequently. For the same reason, Taybro Yoga Mats could be targeted towards the common yoga practicer. After each use, the mat could easily be wiped with a towel and put away.

What inspired you (or your team)?

I practice yoga frequently and I hated having to use the supplied yoga mats at the gym. They were often gross and smelled of sweat. When I looked into the situation closer, I became aware of how disgusting and bacteria-filled the mats at gyms often are. Even if gyms provide cleaning solutions, they are not always used and don’t clear all bacteria as some can seep into the mat fibers. I knew there was something I could do to make the gym a better and cleaner experience for myself and others. I also wanted to create a mat that wasn’t too expensive and could be easily cleaned. After much research and testing, I came up with the Taybro Yoga Mat, designed to provide a more sterile, cheap, and odor-free yoga experience.