My website was created in order to develop the minds of young African American girl teenagers by involving technology. In my articles I address the topics of STEM fields, inspirational women, current events, and fashion tips. I innovated this website based on the lack of African American girls being represented in teen magazines. I believe it is essential for African American girls to see people that look like them in articles along with having topics that they can relate to. I also created an Instagram account that posts pictures of topics.

What inspired you (or your team)?

What inspired me was when I ordered magazines like J14 and Seventeen, that I noticed I could not relate to the topics and the hair styles they always printed. I then stopped ordering the magazines because I felt a disconnection to the material. Therefore, I thought of an idea to cultivate my own online magazine that other African American girls can relate to by tailoring the topics towards what I would want in a magazine. Since I am the owner and only one working on the project, I do everything from creating the articles to doing the social media.